Vintage 1989 Gianni Versace Silk Floral Crop Top Bolero

Thursday, March 10, 2022

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As soon as I saw the Vintage 1989 Gianni Versace Silk Floral Crop Top Bolero, I immediately thought, "People are going to think this piece is so out of style and outdated," but Versace was known for his signature prints, luxury embroidery, flashy designs, vibrant floral motifs and setting himself apart from other designers. So, while there are those who may consider this bolero out of fashion, the pattern and overall look defines his signature style.

There are so many ways one can get creative with this one bolero jacket, thanks to its versatility, and the fact that you can use it as a source of inspiration for numerous pairings. Work it in a way that embodies your own personal style. 

Creative & Possible Pairings
Mini Dress
Fitted Jeans
Pencil Skirt
Black Skort

📸 | © gianniversatile 

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