5 of Heather Dubrow’s Favorite Things

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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After a 5-year hiatus, Heather Dubrow returned to season 16 The Real Housewives of Orange County this season. To promote the show, she provided a glimpse of how she lives, her likes and what she's into to Life & Style Magazine. I love Heather's lavish and plush lifestyle, so I jumped at the chance to read what she had to say.

1) Decor Obsession: Louis Vuitton Home Mirror Trunk
"It's got the monogram on the outside, and you open it up and it's a mini three-way mirror. It's so pretty."
2) Gotta-See Show: Maid
"I like to go to the infrared sauna for 40 minutes of sweating and watching Netflix. I just started Maid, and it's amazing. Compelling from the first moment."
3) Last Vacation Destination: Las Vegas
"I stayed at The Encore and saw Bryan Adams in concert. It was so fun."
4) Go-To Restaurant: Il Mulino New York - Downtown Restaurant
"I love it. They serve the best homemade Pappardelle I've ever had in my life."
5) Makeup Must-Have: Wet 'N Wild Brandy Wine Color Icon Lip Liner #666
"My favorite inexpensive beauty product! It looks great on everybody and costs 99 cents."

Considering her nickname is "Fancy Pants," nobody would ever expect Heather to have anything that costs 99 cents in her collection of expensive items. However, The Home Mirror Trunk, which is directly influenced by Louis Vuitton's highly popular vintage luggage, is very on brand for Heather Dubrow, as money is no object, and she is very well-known for her "Fancy Pants" moments on RHOC. And viewing the luxurious lifestyle of the rich is why I initially started watching The Housewives Franchise in the first place. When she left, I dare say the show and the overall vibe became a little less fancy. 

Where you can get some of Heather's favorite items
Brandy Wine Lip Liner - Wet 'N Wild, eCosmetics, Walmart, Rite Aid
LV Home Trunk - Ebay, Poshmark, Louis Vuitton

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