Roberto Cavalli: The Tiger Print "Perfume" Dress

Friday, February 25, 2022

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One thing I know is animal print is never not in fashion, and this trend is likely to continue to last. With that said, I was not expecting to run up on this, as I was in the middle of searching for something else completely unrelated, but the Roberto Cavalli Tiger Print "Perfume" Dress is so extraordinary, I had to click to get further details. 

Described as being beautifully crafted with a deeply open back and animal print markings, I am immediately reminded of elegant, flowing dresses I often see at Hollywood Premieres or on the red carpet at various award shows. Although animal print is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, one just might be willing to overlook this particular Tiger pattern because of its sexy and classy, and not flashy or trashy appearance. 

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