Melody Shari In Nude Lipstick by Seventh Avenue Beauty

Thursday, February 3, 2022

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Melody Shari has her own line of lively Lipsticks with Posner Cosmetics, the brand of make-up widely known for creating a line of products specifically for Black/African-American women. The line is made up of 5 distinct shades known as Nude, Guilty, Kiss, Diva and Fire. Captivating and attractive, every stick is Vitamin infused with C&E.

What better model could there be than the creator herself? Melody is wearing the shade of Nude, which is perfect to pair with a smoky eye, while remaining sensual and subtle. For those in a subtle mood, you can wear it plain or gloss it. 

Nude is an adorable, neutral shade that is the perfect balance of innocence and elegance. Undoubtedly, this shade is suitable for any occasion of your choice. Strongly advised is to try Nude in a matte finish because of the increase in wearability. 

For a complete breakdown on all 5 Lipsticks, you may view this on the post entitled Why Melody Shari's Seventh Avenue Beauty Is A Dynamic Lipstick Collection.

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