12 Ways You Can Get Erika Jayne Girardi's Confessional Business-Like White Blazer For Under $100

Saturday, February 19, 2022

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  ....or at least something similar. I have researched extensively, and was never able to find details on who designed this chic White Blazer. Anyhow, she looks beautiful and business-like nonetheless. Accompanying the Blazer are matching jewels, elegant Body Wavy hair, and glimmering makeup and lipstick with pinkish tones.

Throughout her time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), Erika has often worn expensive designer Blazers that are between $1,000-$2,500, or maybe even higher. Therefore, if history is any indication, I am willing to bet the frock is well over $1,000. After all, she freely admits, ๐Ÿ˜‚ "That's just who I be, it's expensive to be me." Like I previously mentioned, although I don't know who designed it, that didn't stop me from looking for similar designs I could see myself wearing. Perhaps you could see yourself in the same, so I am really excited to share my findings with you. Keep reading!

Business-Like White Blazers For Under $100
Plunge Tailored Fitted Blazer
Tall Button Detail Tailored Blazer
Asymmetric Wrap Front Tailored Blazer
Tailored Double Breasted Blazer
Button Blazer
Tailored Fitted Double Breasted Blazer
Tailored Double Breasted Oversized Blazer
Double Breasted Boxy Military Blazer
Self Fabric Button Double Breasted Blazer
Gold Button Double Breasted Blazer
Gold Button Double Breasted Blazer
Tall Double Breasted Boxy Military Blazer

The Plunge Tailored Fitted Blazer is a long-sleeved power piece that resembles a men's suit jacket. This women's blazer is a formal, tailored blazer that is essential for any occasion or event, such as a date night, meeting, lunch date or workwear.

The Tall Button Detail Tailored Blazer is perfectly compatible with a 5'7 and over frame. Possessing a tailored longer line and sleeves to fit taller women, this blazer is just right for flattering your height.

The Asymmetric Wrap Front Tailored Blazer will remind you of a man's suit jacket. Collared and long-sleeved, this wrap blazer is tailored, formal and complementary with sneakers, stilettos and beautiful accessories.

The Tailored Double-Breasted Blazer is a surefire power piece that will have you looking like a boss in no time. Mimicking a man's tailored suit jacket, this blazer is versatile enough to be paired with stilettos, sneakers, sandals or ankle boots.

The Button Blazer is another power piece that is elegantly tailored for a day out to brunch, a late night dinner at a sophisticated restaurant, or a big-time board meeting at your place of employment.

The Tailored Fitted Double-Breasted Blazer is uniquely flexible enough to be worn as business work attire, business casual, or for making an entrance at a party where you can happily strut like it is a fashion runway.

The Tailored Double-Breasted Oversized Blazer is a long-sleeved, collared piece that is capable of being so adaptable to your needs, you will never be let down. Able to paired with jeans, jeggings, leggings, shorts or a lovely skirt, you can immediately make it your own.

Long-sleeved, collared and known as the "army jacket," The Double-Breasted Boxy Military Blazer is a simple square-fit that will have one easily standing out. The wearer can transition from a business attire look, to casual, depending on how you style it.

Compatible to sport at any occasion or event, The Self Fabric Button Double-Breasted Blazer is a formal, tailored jacket that is collared, long-sleeved, and allows for transformation from work attire to weekend wear effortlessly.

Ideal for any kind of occasion, The Gold Button Double-Breasted Blazer is a structured jacket with a set of pretty decorative buttons that is as functional, as it is versatile. This jacket is sure to never fall short of your expectations.

The Gold Button Double-Breasted Blazer is a stylish jacket beautifully enhanced by a series of buttons on the chest and wrist. From business workwear, to weekend attire, or casual office wear, this piece will never leave you disappointed no matter how you choose to wear it.

Long-sleeved and elegantly tailored with a longer line and sleeves to fit taller women, The Tall Double-Breasted Boxy Military Blazer is a suitable choice for anyone over 5'7", and needing a beautiful jacket to flatter their height. 

A Blazer Jacket is as versatile, as it is flattering. Providing unlimited ensemble possibilities, without a doubt, anyone can wear one all throughout the year, as a Blazer never goes out of style.

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