Eye Want That Brush: Best Mascara For Lengthening

Saturday, February 5, 2022

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If you are a makeup enthusiast, you already know there are so many different kinds of mascara wands on the market. So many to the point of leaving a person overwhelmed sometimes. Truth is, the wand itself is just as significant as the mascara formulation. You have to be very careful about what you are choosing, because every wand will not do what you desire.

For example, let's say you have smaller, thin eyelashes that need volumizing, enhancing and more length. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara could be compatible enough to align with the wants you have for your lashes.

There is a ball tip sitting atop the rubber brush, so you can grab and maneuver your eyelashes from the inner-eye and bottom corners. The nylon fibers in this unique mascara cling to the lashes, and stretch to the base of your brow ridge. A lengthening wand like this is great for emphasizing smaller eyelashes, and providing the longer length you desire.  

As with anything, do your research and read actual reviews from verified buyers. This particular product has mixed reviews around the web, as some thought it was wonderful, while others greatly disliked. 

Make the right, but informed choice for you!

Important Takeaways
• Play-ball brush
• Flat side for volume
• Ball-tip for long-lasting lift
• Nylon Fiber enriched formula for longer lashes
• Smudge-proof formula
• Flake-proof formula 

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