Sexy & Sophisticated: Top 20 Metallic Gold High Heels

Sunday, January 2, 2022

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I was scrolling through the feed on Instagram's "Explore" page a little while back and saw some beautiful Gold Strappy High Heels that immediately caught my attention. 

The look, color, size of the heel, and embellishments fell right in line with my own personal tastes. The versatility of high heels cannot be overstated, as they could be paired with jeans, leggings, dresses, leather jackets, skirts, skorts, women's business suits, and a variety of other sartorial choices. The clothing options and pairings are exceptionally broad, as are the colors.

After doing a bit of searching, I discovered the name of the gold heels are The Jessica "Pale Gold Metallic" Strappy Sandals from the House of Katie Biltoft. The design consists of pale gold Italian rope chain embellishments, and solid steel spike heels. 

So beautiful are they, that I was influenced to look for pairs of similar heels that are enough to jazz up any outfit, and elevate your game times 100.

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