Seventh Avenue Beauty by Melody Shari: Diva Lipstick

Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Back in December 2021, Melody Shari of OWN's Love & Marriage: Huntsville fame, announced she'd been offered a deal to collaborate on a line of Lipstick with Posner Cosmetics, a line of captivating make-up introduced in the 1940s that was/is created specifically for Black/African-American women.

There are 5 mesmerizing shades entitled Nude, Guilty, Kiss, Diva and Fire. Attractive and polished, all shades are Vitamin infused with C&E, and while neither shade is without excitement and radiance, I want to solely focus on Diva. For an informative breakdown on all 5 Lipsticks, you may view this on the post entitled Why Melody Shari's Seventh Avenue Beauty Is A Dynamic Lipstick Collection

Diva is described as a dark, pink pearl shade with provocative undertones that allows the wearer to add a playful luminescence to their lips. In addition to brightening your look, the color is playful, bewitching and adds a brilliant hue.

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📸 | © Melody S. Holt

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