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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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After Kyle cut her hair in 2018, she began having the most youthful looking appearance. It wasn't difficult to notice overtime she started to adopt a more sultry, seductive look in her clothes, hair, shoes and makeup. Take the blend of Mac, Fenty and Charlotte Tilbury Lip products for example.

The outstanding combination of creamy brown beige, matte rose-petal pink, and darker pink with a glossy cream finish left a brilliant result, and helped to round off Kyle's overall look. So many of us are used to seeing Kyle in nude, more subtle shades, so this is a nice departure from the usual. 

Lip Products To Recreate That Glossy Creamy Finish
Mac Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Stripdown: A lip liner with a creamy, smooth texture made for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Stripdown is accurately described as a creamy brown beige.
Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Kidman's Kiss: Beautifully described as a matte rose-petal pink, this pale pink lipstick was inspired by actress, Nicole Kidman. With soothing orchid extracts, one can be sure their lips will never dry out. 
Fenty Beauty Candy Milk Gloss Bomb: Candy Milk is a holiday exclusive color drip lip cream in a lovely darker pink. Reviews have described the texture as a hybrid of cream and gel.

The lip combo was created by Celebrity makeup artist, Katrina Guevara, and the meld of 3 different lip items, each with their own unique strengths, is highly favorable. 

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📸 | © Kyle Richards
📸 | © Katrina Guevara

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