13 Chic Chunky Handmade Cardigans For Women

Saturday, January 22, 2022

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The official first day of Winter was Tuesday, December 21, and today is January 22, so it is definitely that time to pull out your warmest, coziest sweaters and cardigans. From accentuating your outfit, adding a pop of color, keeping warm from the cold and cool weather, or making a style statement at an important occasion or event, you can never go wrong with a cardigan, as its versatility is popular far and wide.

Allow me to introduce you to some of the most authentically beautiful 100% handmade cardigans, ensuring high quality yarns, unique statement designs and stylish colors. 

MumsHandmade is a popular family business in Greece whose products are all 100% made-to-order by hand. These are some of my favorite chunky knits, and I am confident you will love them too. 

100% Handmade in Greece, The Hooded Chunky Cardigan is ribbed with a saggy hood to protect the wearer from the Fall and Winter weather. So stylish is it, that you can pair with just about anything like dresses, jeans, jeggings, leggings, boots, high heels, skirts, skorts or whatever your little heart desires. Seen in beige, the cardigan is offered in Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Camel, Khaki, White, Pink, Red, Purple and Aegean Blue.

Uniquely designed, The Bubble Sleeve Cardigan is appropriately titled, as it's made with bubble sleeves and a relaxed fit. Perfect for keeping you warm and exuding style all in one, especially when you are not in the mood to wear a jacket. Pictured in Red, you can also choose from Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Lilac, Brown, Camel, Beige, Khaki, White, Pink, Purple and Aegean Blue.

An oversized and loose-fitting cardigan, The Texture Chunky Cardigan is stylish, simple and chic. Layer over your clothing during cool mornings, or even pair with a leather jacket. Pictured in Khaki, other color options include Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Brown, Camel, Beige, White, Pink, Red and Purple. 

Cropped and shorter than most of Mums creations, The Crop Stripes Cardigan is a silhouette cardigan with a dramatic balloon striped sleeve that puffs out just below the shoulder. Bring together any look for the Winter with this heavy knit. Seen in White/Beige, offered are 2 more two-tone colors known as White/Lilac and White/Pink. 

A suitable option for outerwear, The Crop Balloon Cardigan should be in every woman's closet. With the choice to add Mums signature heart logo buttons for the sweetest touch, one can pair this with a pair of jeans, leggings or jeggings. Displayed in Black, other colors available are Dark Grey, Grey, Lilac, Camel, Beige, Khaki, White and Pink. 

Knitted by order, The Balloon Cardigan is long, comfortable and fashionable. Absolutely perfect for in-between seasons, Balloon can be nicely coupled with a casual ensemble, jeans, a mini dress, or whatever you may choose. Seen in Grey, also available are the colors Black, Dark Grey, Camel, Beige, White, Pink and Purple.

A colorful flirtatious fringe, The Fringes Bohemian Cardigan is a 100% handmade, double-faced item that is made out of high-quality yarns mixed into 3 rainbow color combos. Its versatility can never be understated, as both sides can be worn depending on your mood. Choose between fringed or simple-striped, or with the fringes inside out on the sleeves. Pictured in the Earth color, 2 more colors are available; Amethyst and Kourelou.

Multi-Colored and crop-buttoned, The Colorblock Crop Cardigan is suitably paired with jeggings, leggings, jeans, a fitted skirt and dress pants for any casual occasion or event. 

A simple styled design, The Classic Chunky Cardigan a ribbed cardigan that is cozy, classic and comfortable. It's a good idea to pair with denim jeans, fashionable shirts and long-lasting leggings. Viewed in Khaki, the classic comes in multiple colors like  Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Lilac, Brown, Camel, Beige, White, Pink, Red and Purple. 

Timeless and classic, The Padded Cardigan can be fashionably worn by exposing one shoulder, or wearing a crop top underneath. Additionally, you have the choice to add the signature Mums heart logo buttons for some extra added flair. Shown in White, other colors include Black, Dark Grey, Grey, Camel and Beige.

A minimal design, The Balloon Sleeve Cardigan is simple, elegant and a great choice for updating your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Made with Mums signature balloon style sleeves, you are guaranteed to stay warm, fashionable and snug throughout the year. Displayed in Dark Grey, one can also choose from Black, Grey, Brown, Camel, Beige, Khaki, White, Pink, Red, Purple and Aegean Blue. 

A cute, buttoned-up cardigan, The Merino Balloon Cardigan can be worn traditionally or with a modern twist, and belongs in every woman's Winter wardrobe. Nicely pair with jeans, leggings, jeggings, or layer with shirts and skirts. Pictured in Mocha, other colors include Ginger, Lilac, Brown, Bordeaux, Pink, White and Black.

Uniquely hand-knitted with creativity, love and soul, The Sleeveless Sheer Cardigan is oversized and can be worn continually throughout the year. Pair it with jeggings, leggings, jeans or dress pants, as well as sandals and boots. 

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