10 Quirky Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, January 31, 2022

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Tomorrow is February 1st, and this means Valentine's Day is among us. More often than not, we reach for traditional kinds of Valentine's Day gifts for our loved ones, or teachers, neighbors, friends and extended family. But, sometimes thinking outside of the box can feel incredibly freeing and creative. Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to explore unusual and creative gift-giving ideas that are not ruled by tradition. 

Yes, flowers, candy, stuffed bears, chocolate, wine are great, but these unconventional and unexpected gifts are the first step to creating new traditions with the giftee(s), and approaching gift-giving in new, innovative ways. 

1) Ethically sourced and created, luxury flats and slides by Fuchsia Shoes are unlike anything on the shelves at your local department store. You will immediately notice they are on the style of beautiful ballet slippers. Highly rated by verified buyers, and handmade in Sangla Hill, an isolated town in Pakistan, utilized is a EVA padded footbed, as the inner walls of leather are covered by suede lining for a soft, comfortable feel. Available are several designs and colors, a feature I think the giftee will surely approve. 

2) Perhaps you have a stationary lover in your life, and if such is the case, the Crystal Mushroom Pendant Gel Pen will make this person's face instantly light up. Available in Blue, Purple, Pink and White, the shimmering mushroom charm attached to the top is a cute, quirky addition that enhances its eccentricity.

3) Chances are you have at least 1 Marvel fan in your family or circle of friends or acquaintances. The Marvels Spiderman Halo Toaster Toasts Spideys Mask On Your Bread is the ultimate quirky gift for a Spider-Man enthusiast. Not only is the toaster itself shaped in the head of Spider-Man himself, but the mask is stamped on the toast once browned. Furthermore, its versatility allows for thicker pieces of bread, Bagels and English muffins.

4) Happy Socks can make a happy giftee. Believe it or not, sock enthusiasts exist. I am a firm believer that most everyone has something they collect, and for some, socks are a collectible item. Sock designs inspire creativity, self-expression and a sense of freedom.

5) #TacoTuesday trends every Tuesday on Twitter, and it is one of the most popular hashtags I have ever seen. "Taco Tuesday" even has its own Wikipedia page. It has become a popular tradition in many areas to dine out for Tacos on Tuesday nights, but who has the money to eat out every Tuesday consistently? Not many. Invest in a cookbook for the giftee so they can customize their own Taco dishes, and save money in the process. Although an unconventional gift, with 52 recipes in The Taco Tuesday Cookbook, you will certainly never get bored.

6) No, you are not misreading. 😄 Yes, this is a Heinz Ketchup All-Red Food Puzzle. You probably had no idea such a thing even existed. You are not alone, as I did not know either. Puzzles are great for game night, family night, spending quality time together and enhancing your overall mood. Highly rated around the web, this out of the ordinary gift is a 570-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults and children alike. 😂 You never know...maybe the giftee has always wanted to know what a puzzle drenched in ketchup always looked like.

7) We all have at least a few animal lovers in our family or circle of friends. Animal lovers, like myself, love unconventional animal-themed gifts. The Toff London Hand-Assembled Unique Themed Bespoke Watch offers the option for one to wear your favorite pet or animal on your wrist. Furthermore, personalized case back engraving makes the watch even more personal.

8) So often, you see Arts & Crafts marketed towards children, but adults love crafting as well. Arts & Crafts can be a stress reliever, and a productive way to use your imagination. If you know a DIYer, considering gifting the Crafter's Square Assorted Watercolor Pop-Up Stickers. Suitable for crafting, scrapbooking and stuffing Easter and/or Valentine's Day baskets, allow the giftee to stock up on fun stickers in bulk.

9) Let's keep it going with the arts & crafts for adults. The Decorative Adhesive Paper Craft Tape, 10 m. Rolls is over 32 feet. With a wide array of various designs that add their own sense of style, the tape is perfect for wrapping presents, decorating vases, binders, folders, candleholders and just about anything you can think of. A person's crafting station will automatically become greatly enhanced.

10) People love snacking, whether in between meals, for a pick-me-up or an after dinner treat. Once upon a time, there was something called a Korean Honey-Butter Craze, and this was due to the overwhelming popularity of The Haitai Honey Butter Chips. With a sweet taste of honey and butter seasoning, the chips would make a great, and unexpected gift to any recipient.

Occasionally thinking outside of the box means you will never be closed off to new ideas or new, unconventional ways of doing things. It is simply creative thinking and will serve you well in the future!

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