Why Oxblood Lips Are The Look Of The Moment...All Year Long

Friday, December 24, 2021

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Never known to be understated, classic Red lipstick is popularly known to possess a universal appeal that evokes human emotion, as it draws a person's attention directly to your lips. Red is beautiful. Red is passionate. Red is exciting. Red is empowering. Red is sexy. Red is sultry. 

BUT...its seductive older sister, Burgundy, is just as timeless. Occasionally intimidating because it is dramatic, bold and erotic, fair-skinned women have admitted to becoming unnerved by the thought of dressing their lips in something so striking, thinking the contrast will be too extreme. The good news is, no matter your skin color/tone, anybody can pull it off. 

Burgundy, and other dark hued lipsticks, are considered an Autumn staple, as makeup artists and experts recommend shifting from summer Red to Fall Burgundy. However, I sporadically rock dark lip colors all year long, as can you. As a matter of fact, I prefer decorating my lips in prominent Burgundy and Wine lipsticks instead of Red. Don't get me wrong, because I love Red, but if ever forced to choose between the 2, Burgundy wins everytime.

When I think about it, something that inspires me all throughout the year is old Hollywood glamour, the dramatic imagery of that time, and vintage-inspired makeup ideas. Classic looks, no matter how old, just never go out of style.

If you are reading this and made it this far, I'm going to assume you are interested in going to the dark side. Since we're thinking along the same lines, I recommend using MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Vino and Mac Cosmetics LipMix in Burgundy.

Important tips: Begin with the Vino Lip Pencil, as it will help keep on glosses and stains for an extended period of time. Outline your mouth, and once done, fill in with the pencil. Afterwards, squeeze desired amount of LipMix in Burgundy onto your fingers or sanitized lip brush, and apply. Use a finger, or fingers (whichever is best for you), to rub the beautiful color into the lips.

Important Takeaways About Mac Lip Pencil in Vino
• Lip Pencil possesses a creamy and smooth formula
• Texture blends seamlessly; no skipping or dragging
• Precise application that applies quickly

Important Takeaways About Mac LipMix in Burgundy
• LipMix possesses a formula that is comfortable and easy
• Provides the best flexible coverage
• Easily blendable and mixes thoroughly

Welcome to the dark side 😁!

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