Why Melody Shari's Seventh Avenue Beauty Is A Dynamic Lipstick Collection

Sunday, December 26, 2021

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On December 20, 2021, Melody Shari of OWN's Love & Marriage: Huntsville fame, announced she struck a deal to collaborate on a line of Lipstick with Posner Cosmetics, a line of gorgeous make-up introduced in the 1940s that was/is created specifically for Black/African-American women. Posner is unique because the brand offers a broad selection of cosmetic colors to enhance, match and complement ethnic skin types.

Already the owner and creator of Seventh Avenue Premier Skincare, the lipstick line is appropriately titled Seventh Avenue Beauty by Melody Shari from Posner Cosmetics. There are 5 vibrant shades named Nude, Guilty, Kiss, Diva and Fire. Keep scrolling to obtain a description of each shade.

Seventh Avenue Beauty is indeed a dynamic collection because of its glamour and sophistication, being Vitamin infused with C&E and allowing the wearer to utilize alone for a striking color, or layer to alter the shade. Offered is a shade for any and every occasion.

The Breakdown
Nude - A neutral shade that is innocent and sophisticated
Guilty - A distinctive, elegant, alluring and beautiful shade
Kiss - A bold Chocolate shade that is daring, strong, fearless, rich and luxurious
Diva - A dark, pink pearl shade that is provocative, playful and bewitching
Fire - A perfect Red shade that ignites a spark during any occasion

The investment is worth it, because of the woman behind it. If you are a regular viewer of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, perhaps no explanation is needed, but for people who haven't, allow me to explain. Over the last couple of years, Melody Shari experienced a great deal of pain, disappointment and heartache, all of which played out on the show before a worldwide audience. As hard as it has been, she had to make a choice; let it consume her or take the opportunity to grow. Instead of giving up, she turned pain into purpose, pain into wealth, pain into power, and multiple doors with opportunities have since opened, and continue to do so. This particular collaboration with Posner Cosmetics is just one of many. What a breakthrough she's had this year alone, thanks to drive and perseverance.

So, don't only invest in your favorite shade of lipstick. Invest in the woman behind it as well. 

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