Warm & Comforting: 5 Classic French Vanilla Scented Handmade Candles

Monday, December 20, 2021

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Traditional Vanilla is an incredibly popular scent, and probably THE most popular and sought-after candle scent in the world. Vanilla scented candles are a mood changer, as they help a person to relax and increase overall happiness. Personally, I know I feel a sense of tranquility, satisfaction and peace when I light some Vanilla candles around the room. An ambiance is created. These are only a couple of reasons, as there are many, why Vanilla is consistently rated the best-selling candle fragrance year-after-year. 

Because Vanilla blends effortlessly with other fragrances, multiple Vanilla fragrance variations exist, but out of every single one, French Vanilla is my absolute favorite, and is pretty much a scent of its own. It is a pleasurable blend of delightfully buttery sweet Vanilla and rich milky cream. If you are a lover of French Vanilla flavored cookies, shakes, cakes, pies, pudding, etc, your mouth could literally water from the scent of a high-quality lit candle filling the room. 

Speaking of high-quality, Bali Mantra Candles are handmade, and can provide any home with a magnificent atmosphere. Long-lasting with a soothing French Vanilla scent, the handcrafted wax will alleviate symptoms brought on by stress, help you relax and calm the mind. 

Bali Mantra Handmade Scented Candles
Offered in 5 different containers/holders:
Camellia Glass Copper (Silver)
Camellia Glass Copper (Silver & Burgundy or Maroon)
Hibiscus Glass Copper
Sunflower Tin
Camellia Tin

At times, we are all in need of a peaceful vibe, and why not start with a French Vanilla candle?

📸 | © Jonathan Borba

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